Part#: 45031
Weight: 2.8 lbs

Orion STAR A326 pH/RDO/DO Meter, Portable, STARA3260

  • Laboratory accuracy everywhere you need it
  • Accepts your choice of polarographic or RDO (optical) DO probes
  • Waterproof IP67-rated housing
Price: $1,300.00
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Get laboratory accuracy in a waterproof portable housing! Choose the STAR A326 to measure pH, mV and DO, or the STAR A329 to also measure ISE, conductivity, TDS and salinity. Meters accept both Orion polarographic and RDO (optical/luminescent) DO probes. This makes them a great investment if you’re not ready to switch to optical technology but want to keep your options open.

Meters accept up to three different probes at a time. The large backlit display lets you view each parameter with temperature individually, or up to three parameters with temperature at once. Simple button layout and onscreen messages allow quick meter calibration and setup. Plain-language screen prompts are available in 6 languages. Additional helpful icons include electrode status, time, date, sample ID, sample date and calibration points.

Program meter for your exact needs. Choose from three measuring modes: Continuous mode, AUTO-READ™ mode that locks in the stable reading on your screen, or Timed mode that displays a measurement at timed intervals. High-end features such as stability and averaging ensure accurate readings.

Log up to 5,000 data points with time and date stamp. Easily transfer data or keep meter software current using RS-232 or USB connection and the included data analysis software. Adjustable alarms remind you to calibrate your meter after a set time period, or alert you to measurements outside your set points.

Multiple advanced calibration options. Calibrate pH using 1 to 5 buffers with NIST and DIN buffer recognition. The Calibration Edit feature lets you fix pH or ISE calibration errors without a complete recalibration. Automatic temperature compensation, automatic/ manual barometric pressure compensation, and manual salinity input produce accurate measurements. Calibrate DO using water-saturated air, air saturated water or a Winkler titration to meet your procedural requirements.

Includes: four AA batteries, manual and CD with user reference guide. Order probes separately. 3-year meter warranty.

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