Part#: 15013
Weight: 4.0 lbs
Brand: Sqwincher

Qwik Stik Zero Hydration Mix‚ Fruit Punch‚ 50/pk‚ 60102-FP

  • Economical and effective—replace important electrolytes at less than 1¢ per ounce!
  • Tastes great‚ yet won’t leave a bloated feeling—keep workers hydrated and energized
  • Half the sodium and twice the potassium as other hydration products
Price: $26.85
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Stay hydrated during tough jobs. When you sweat‚ you lose water and important electrolytes. Sqwincher replaces all these and more. Plus‚ it absorbs into your body more quickly than plain water‚ so you’ll reach peak performance levels fast.

When you’re on the go‚ Qwik Stik Zero packs are a convenient zero sugar‚ zero-calorie option. Easily mix each Stik into a single 20-ounce bottle of water.


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