Part#: 85823
Weight: 220.0 lbs

Jesco Double-Pump Skid System w/ MAGDOS LA Pumps‚ 4.8 GPD‚ 232 PSI‚ PVC/Viton®/PTFE

  • 4-20 mA input capabilities on all pumps
  • Double-pump systems let you pump multiple chemicals at the same time
Price: $5,591.89
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Jesco chemical feed skid systems come pre-plumbed‚ so they’re easy to install and operate. Just provide a 115-VAC power source‚ and connect the suction and discharge ends. The MAGDOS LA solenoid-driven diaphragm pumps can be controlled manually or externally via a 4-20 mA signal. All skids are hydro-tested and calibrated before leaving the factory.

Use with 20% aluminum sulfate‚ ammonium chloride‚ ammonium hydroxide‚ ammonium sulfate‚ calcium hypochlorite‚ ferric sulfate‚ 36% hydrochloric acid‚ 10% hydrogen peroxide‚ magnesium hydroxide‚ potassium permanganate‚ sodium bisulfate‚ sodium hexametaphosphate‚ sodium hydroxide (caustic)‚ sodium hypochlorite and sodium phosphate (call for compatibility with other chemicals). Materials: PVC/Viton/PTFE.

Includes: chemical-resistant base‚ suction strainer(s)‚ calibration column(s)‚ discharge pulsation dampener(s)‚ pressure gauge(s)‚ pressure relief valve(s)‚ back pressure/antisiphon valve(s) and isolation valves. Discharge tubing and fittings are not included (order separately).

Note: Systems are configured for flooded suction only. Alternate voltages available. Contact USABlueBook for more information.

Shipping: Ships motor freight.


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