Part#: 86969
Weight: 78.0 lbs

Green Clean Pro Peroxide-Based Algaecide‚ 50-lb Bag

  • No residue pesticides left behind
  • Effective at any pH
  • EPA registration #70299-15
Price: $135.00
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GreenClean Pro controls many types of algae on contact using a powerful oxidation process that destroys algal cell membranes, chlorophyll and unsaturated fatty acids. It achieves immediate algae control while leaving only oxygen and water as byproducts.

Use GreenClean Pro as an alternative to copper-based algaecides in preventive, curative or spot treatments. You can use it in all pH ranges and salinity concentrations. Treated water can be used without interruption. Results seen within 60 seconds.

Dosage Schedule
Treating for:
Blue Green Algae: 3 to 6 lbs per acre foot
Blue Green Algae & some species of Green Algae: 17 to 30 lbs per acre foot
Blue Green Algae, more Green Algae & some Diatoms: 31 to 50 lbs per acre foot
Blue Green Algae, Green Algae & Diatoms: 51 to 90 lbs per acre foot