Part#: 87527
Weight: 36.0 lbs
Brand: Aquafix Inc

Summer Slam Sludge Reducer‚ (30) 1-lb Pouches

  • Sludge degradation at dramatic rates in warm temperatures
Price: $539.10
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Reduce sludge in warmer lagoons by 30 to 60%. VitaStim Summer Slam is a blend of biostimulants and select bacterial cultures designed to explode in warm temperatures (76°F and above). These specialized gram negative bacteria promote water clarification, reduce dredging, and lower ammonia and odors caused by compacted sludge. Packaged in a 30-lb pail of 1-lb water-soluble pouches.

Note: For water temperatures under 76°F, use VitaStim Sludge Reducer or VitaStim Polar.

Tech Specs
  • Dosage: 2 lbs per 4 acres per day for 30 days

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