Part#: 96741
Weight: 16.0 lbs
Brand: USABlueBook

USABlueBook® Aluminum Dechlorination Diffuser

  • Safely neutralize chlorine/chloramines while flushing hydrants
  • Convenient‚ easy-to-use tablet feed
  • Lightweight‚ sturdy aluminum construction
Price: $994.95
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Our dechlorination diffuser is for use with chemically treated (10 ppm or less chlorine/chloramines) potable water. It attaches directly to 21/2" NST hydrant threads to handle flows from 200 to 1250 gpm at pressures up to 200 psi. Diffuser features sturdy aluminum construction and weighs only 17 lbs.

The diffuser holds nine sodium sulfite tablets or ascorbic acid/vitamin C tablets. During flushing, spot check the tablet consumption approximately every 10,000 gallons of flow. We offer a wide selection of dechlorination tablets; sold separately.

Customize diffuser with optional accessories. Add the tablet extension tube to load as many as 20 additional tablets to the diffuser feed. The tube features clear Lexan® construction, so you can see the level of the tablets and refill as needed.

We recommend the tablet screen when using ascorbic acid dechlorination tablets. The screen adjusts tablet consumption rate to the proper amount for 0 to 4 ppm chlorine concentration. Add an optional pitot tube assembly with gauge to convert this diffuser into a Dechlorination Diffuser/Flow Tester. It attaches easily with two mounting screws, and features a quick-disconnect connection for the gauge.

Use two low-flow inserts in situations where the flow is less than 200 gpm. These easy-to-install inserts redirect flow through the tablet feed area to ensure adequate exposure to the tablets.

For additional control over discharge, you can connect the diffuser to the hydrant via fire hose or with the steel hitch bracket holder, which lets you direct flow. For higher flow rates, use the hydrant wye to attach two diffusers at once to increase the flow capacity to approximately 2500 gpm.
Note: Pitot tube assembly and gauge are sold separately.


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