Part#: 87773
Weight: 0.3 lbs
Brand: YSI

IDS Wireless pH/ATC Electrode for YSI MultiLab 4010 Wireless Meter‚ IDS 4130W

  • Go cable-free—wireless probes let you take measurements as far as 30 feet away from the meter!
Price: $355.20
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IDS probes are galvanically isolated digital probes that store their own calibration history and serial number. Measurements are processed and transferred digitally‚ which compensates for variable cable lengths and eliminates signal interference. pH electrodes with built-in ATC take fast‚ accurate measurements. IDS wireless pH‚ ORP or conductivity electrodes send measurements to your meter via Bluetooth® from as far as 10 meters away—take measurements anywhere in your lab while the meter stays in its safe‚ dry space.