Part#: 350822
Weight: 200.0 lbs
Brand: PolyBlend

Polyblend® Polymer Feed System w/ Large Frame‚ Remote On/Off‚ 0.045 to 4.5 gph‚ PB600-4.5

  • Improve polymer performance—less polymer feed means huge savings
  • Corrosion-resistant‚ stainless steel frame is built to last
  • Large-frame system with LMI solenoid pump
Price: $11,188.74
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PolyBlend PB series systems are the world’s most popular liquid polymer feed systems. They use a chemical feed pump to pull liquid polymer up into the mixing chamber‚ where it’s blended with dilution water.

Patented multi-zone mixing chamber provides uniform dispersion of energy at the moment of initial wetting. High-energy mix eliminates the need for extended mixing and aging by applying the right energy at the right time. Low-energy zone continues to activate the hydrated polymer‚ without destroying the fragile polymer chains. The result is maximum polymer activation and improved polymer performance.

These easy-to-install systems allow remote on/off control capability. Adjustable flowmeter permits precise water control for a variety of solution concentrations.

Large-frame systems offer higher capacities‚ with flows to 8 GPH of polymer and 1200 GPH of dilution water.

Shipping: Ships motor freight.

Tech Specs
  • Polymer Output: 0.045 to 4.5 gph
  • Dilution Water Flow: 60 to 600 gph