Part#: 53223
Weight: 15.7 lbs
Brand: Hach Company

Hach CL17sc Analyzer with Total Chlorine Reagents & Standpipe Installation Kit‚ 8572800

  • Simplified tubing replacement cartridge harness easily clips into place
  • See-through enclosure window highlights diagnostic multicolor warning/status indicators
  • Includes reagents to measure total chlorine
Price: $2,523.00
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Hach's CL17sc colorimetric chlorine analyzer offers familiar features and the same reliability as the original CL17, now with enhanced diagnostics, communication, and ease of maintenance. Continuously monitor up to 10 mg/L chlorine content in your sample stream with a robust flow-through instrument design that's not affected by changes in chlorine concentration, sample pH, temperature, flow or pressure. This ensures reliable, accurate measurements with minimal operator intervention. Even maintenance is easy—just change the reagents and clean the colorimetric cell monthly. Compliant with US EPA regulation 40 CFR 141.74.

The CL17sc analyzer housing is designed with ease of use in mind. The IP66-rated housing features a window that lets you view reagent levels and colorimeter status. The multicolor warning indicator alerts you to problems with just a glance. The quick-change one-piece tubing cartridge harness easily snaps into place in seconds; no special tools required.

Analyzers measure either free or total chlorine; just select the unit with the right buffers and reagents. The CL17sc automatically mixes the solutions into your sample every 2.5 minutes, producing a magenta color with intensity proportional to its chlorine concentration. Onboard flow meter continuously measures incoming flow to ensure it's within specifications. Flow and photometrically measured chlorine concentration measurements are sent out of the instrument to your Hach SC controller via a 6.6-ft digital cable assembly.

CL17sc analyzers connect to any SC-based digital Hach controller for power, operation, display, data collection, data transmission and diagnostics (all controllers sold separately; we recommend Hach SC4500 controllers).

Analyzers include: a one-month supply of total chlorine reagents and a pressure regulator installation kit for applications with high or fluctuating pressure (or limited installation space. Kit consists of sample inlet and drain tubing, Y-strainer, and shutoff valves for flow control.

For a complete system, order a CL17sc analyzer, SC controller and desired buffers/reagents (a one-month supply of total chlorine reagents are included with the purchase of this analyzer).

Tech Specs
  • Range: 0.03 to 10 mg/L free or total residual chlorine
  • Accuracy: ±5% or ±0.04 mg/L (ppm) as Cl2 (whichever is greater) =5.0 mg/L; ±10% as Cl2 >5.0 mg/L
  • Inlet pressure: 1.5 to 5 psig
  • Sample flow rate: 60 to 200 mL/min through the instrument (integral flow meter reports value)
  • Tubing connections: inlet/sample 1/4" OD quick-connect fitting for rigid tubing (inlet/sample); 1/2" ID slip-on fitting for soft plastic tubing (outlet/drain)
  • Output: Hach digital sensor cable signal for SC-based controllers
  • Operating temperature: 41 to 104°F
  • Enclosure: IP66
  • Cable: 6.6'L single digital Hach type (can extend up to 49'L)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 12.9" x 13.5" x 7.0"