Part#: 58941
Weight: 57.0 lbs

Zenner 4" ZSU Ultrasonic Bulk Water Meter, Remote LCD Display & Cubic Feet Digital LCD Register

  • Same lay length as turbine meters, but with more accurate flow data
  • All-digital technology with no moving parts
  • Complies with C715 and C750 AWWA standards; lead free and certified to NSF/ANSI 61 and 372
Price: $2,099.95
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Use Zenner ZSU ultrasonic water meters in applications where you need high accuracy, long life and a dynamic flow range. Ideal for both potable and non-potable clean water applications, they offer bidirectional flow with startup rates as low as 0.12 gpm.

Meters feature four sound-measuring transducers, which are offset in the housing to ensure an unobstructed flow path and minimal head pressure loss. No inline strainers are required, allowing for installation in shorter pipe runs. The integral two-row LCD register displays instantaneous flow and totalized volume, along with flow direction, leak alarms, empty pipe alerts and battery life.

The replaceable battery typically lasts 12 years. Meters exceed IP68 standards and are suitable for both horizontal and vertical installation. Remote-read models feature a wall-mount remote reader with digital display.

Includes: 5 feet of connecting wire; longer cable sold separately.

Tech Specs
  • Accuracy: 98.5 to 101.5%
  • Max operating pressure: 225 psi
  • Operating temperature: 40 to 122°F
  • Case material: epoxy-coated ductile iron