Part#: 31610
Weight: 5.0 lbs
Brand: GP Hydraflow

Lift Station Hooded Drop Box, 12" x 8"

  • Lower the buildup of heavy solids and grease on lift station walls up to 95%!
  • Compact design can fit in almost any lift station
Price: $1,999.95
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Drastically reduce the maintenance costs of your lift stations and manholes. This patented drop box lowers the buildup of heavy solids and grease on the walls by as much as 95%. It also reduces odors and H2S gas buildup, minimizes corrosion and eliminates the need for chemicals.

The drop box discharges wastewater along the interior wall of the lift station, which causes the wastewater to flow in a circular direction. This circular flow moves the solids, reducing their tendency to float and collect on the water surface. Gravity and the force of the effluent’s own flow rate power this cyclonic action, so no electrical connections are needed.

The drop box is constructed of heavy-gauge T316 stainless steel, and is easy to install. It fits any lift station or manhole. Custom sizes available as special order. Contact USABlueBook for more information.

Note: PVC drop pipe and 90° elbow not included. Add your own based on your specific needs.


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