Make Your Job Easier with Reliable Hach Colorimeters Make Your Job Easier with Reliable Hach Colorimeters
Hach DR300 Pocket Colorimeters
Hach DR300 Pocket Colorimeters
Includes carrying case and sample cells (order reagents separately)
Hach DR300 Pocket Colorimeters
Fast, accurate and highly portable
Large backlit display
Waterproof IP67 construction
Easy-to-use DR300 colorimeters are the industry standard for colorimetric measurement. They’re lightweight and battery operated—great for extended field work or on-the-spot process monitoring.
DR300 colorimeters feature Hach’s tried and true optics, a familiar keypad, and a large backlit display—all packaged in an ergonomic housing. They’re easy to use: just zero the instrument with a blank, insert your reacted sample and read the results. Meters store 50 time-stamped measurements for later recall.
The impact-resistant, IP67-rated housing makes these colorimeters perfect for use in harsh conditions. They even float if dropped in the water. The backlit LCD display lets you see test results and low-battery notification in any light. Battery life is up to 5000 measurements.
Includes: sample cells, carrying case, four AAA batteries and instructions. 1-year warranty.
Reagents not included; order separately.
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AmmoniaSalicylate0.01 to 0.80No87903
Free Ammonia & MonochloramineIndophenol0.02 to 0.50 (free ammonia); 0.04 to 4.50 (monochloramine)No87902
Chlorine (free & total)DPD0.02 to 2.00; 0.1 to 8.0Yes (DW, WW)87890
Chlorine (free & total)DPD0.05 to 4.00; 0.1 to 10Yes (DW, WW)87908
Chlorine & pHDPD/Phenol Red0.0 to 10.0; 6.0 to 8.5 pHNo87897
Chlorine DioxideGlycine0.05 to 5.00Yes (DW)87905
IronFerroVer0.02 to 3.00Yes (WW)87900
IronTPTZ0.01 to 1.70No87899
ManganesePeriodate Oxidation0.2 to 20.0Yes (WW)87898
MolybdenumTernary Complex0.02 to 3.00; 0.1 to 12.0No87896
NitrateCadmium Reduction0.40 to 30.00No87891
Dissolved OxygenHRDO0.20 to 10.00No87892
OzoneIndigo Trisulfonate0.01 to 0.25; 0.01 to 0.75No87893
PhosphateAscorbic Acid0.02 to 3.00Yes (WW)87894
ZincZincon0.02 to 3.00Yes (WW)87895
*DW = Drinking Water; WW = Wastewater
Total Chlorine Only
Requires Digestion
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