Part#: 10318
Weight: 48.5 lbs

Smart2Pure 6 UV/UF Water Purification System‚ 50129887

  • Use to make either Type I or Type II water
  • Large reservoir opening and conical bottom outlet allows for complete drainage and easy cleaning
  • Features an integrated 6-L reservoir
Price: $8,182.00
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The Thermo Scientific Barnstead Smart2Pure Water Purification System converts tap water into either ASTM Type I or Type II water. Systems offer fast dispensing with variable-speed flow control. Tilt the display for easy reading anywhere in your laboratory or production area. Mount on benchtop or wall to save valuable laboratory counter space. CSA approved.

The water purification process progresses through two independent cartridges. The first step (Module 1) provides a combination of pretreatment and processing feed water through a reverse osmosis membrane. The second step (Module 2) uses a cartridge containing a high-quality ultrapure resin that provides superior‚ consistent polishing of end-product water. Filtration cartridges feature Aquastop quick-connections for easy cartridge replacement‚ even in mid-operation.

The Smart2Pure 6 produces 6 L of ultrapure water an hour. For even more filtration capabilities‚ these models include 185/254 nm UV bulb and a UF ultrafilter. The ultrafilter is automatically flushed to assure the highest retention of endotoxins and nucleases. Output water quality for Type I water is 18.2 MΩ/cm‚ 0.055 µS/cm‚ TOC 1 to 5 ppb‚ bacteria <1 CFU/ml‚ particles (0.22 µm/ml) <1‚ endotoxins <0.001 EU/ml. The output quality of Type II water is 15 to 10 MΩ/cm‚ 0.067 to 0.1 µS/cm.

Includes: RO/pretreatment cartridge‚ ultrapure polisher cartridge‚ sterile 0.2 µm filter and pressure regulator. Order required pretreatment system separately (stock # 16477).

Shipping: Ships motor freight.

Tech Specs
  • Feedwater requirements: potable‚ 4 to 11 pH‚ 2 to 35°C‚ 1.4 to 87 psi‚ free chlorine <0.1 mg/L
  • Inlet pressure (min/max): 29 to 87 psi
  • Feedwater connector: 1/4" OD
  • Dimensions: 12"W x 21.5"H x 15.7"D
  • Power requirements: 90 to 240 VAC‚ 50/60 Hz